Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

While most parents have the tendency to keep their toddlers indoors to keep them safe, outdoor activities are very important, especially during this stage when your child’s growth and development is at its peak.

Fun Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

This is the best period for you to teach them a lot of interesting new things by organizing fun activities outdoors. Not only will these activities be enjoyable and exciting for your toddler, you too – as the parent – will have some fun playing with your child. Toddlers are particularly excited by the things around them – the bright colors, animals, and the beauty of nature. You should allow your toddler to expand his or her horizons by permitting parent-supervised outdoor activities. Let us take a look at some of these fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy with your toddler.

Trip to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo is one of the best outdoor activities for toddlers because they love to see all the animals. As you go over the animals, make sure that you name each of them to your toddler. You can go back to certain cages and ask them “What animal is that?”

Trip to the Aquarium

Another enjoyable outdoor activity for toddlers is a visit to the aquarium. Aside from naming the various fishes that your kids will see, you can also teach them the various colors that these fishes come in.

Trip to the Museum

While most parents would hesitate to bring their toddlers to museums (for fear of their creating a fuss or breaking valuable artifacts), it is an ideal outdoor activity especially if you want your child to develop an appreciation for history. Explain to them in the simplest of terms what certain displays are. You might also want to consider taking your toddler to museums that offer interactive displays that they are sure to enjoy and learn from.

Fun in the Backyard

 If your budget is rather tight and you can’t afford taking your toddler to the above mentioned places, you can also give them fun outdoor activities right in your backyard or around the neighborhood. If you have a large backyard, you can allot a space for a special garden for your toddler. You can have them plant flowers, vegetables or saplings. Make sure that you provide them with child-safe gardening tools and a watering can. By giving your child a garden, you can help teach them about responbility.

Make a Nature Bracelet

While you and your toddler are having fun in the garden, why not make a nature bracelet? Using scotch tape, create bracelets on both of your toddlers wrists, making sure that the sticky side is up. As you walk through the garden, have him or her pick up leaves, flower petals or any small item that strikes their fancy and have them stick it to their bracelet. Once they have created a full bracelet, have your toddler come back to you and you can identify the items that he or she had found.

Follow the Leader

You often hear child psychologists say that “Parents are a toddler’s role model”. What better outdoor activity to play with them than “Follow the Leader”. This game will enable you to teach your child certain movements that will help improve his or her flexibility. As the leader, tell your child to copy what you are doing. You can run, hop, stand and other movements. Take turns. Let your toddler be the leader and copy his/her movements. One particular movement that you should teach your child during this game is tiptoes. By teaching your toddler how to tiptoe, you will help improve his/her leg and feet strength and body balance.

Discover other fun outdoor activities that you can do with your toddler today!

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