Parenting Toddlers and Kids: Tips That No Parent Can Do Without

After the trials of taking care of babies, many parents breathe sighs of relief whenever their children reach the toddler and school stages. This is because toddlers and kids are able to communicate with their parents, unlike when they were still infants. However, in the same way that you “level up” on video games, “leveling up” to the toddler and school stages means that you should anticipate certain challenges that are unique to these particular stages of growth and development.

Toddlers are kids between the ages of 1 to 6, which is often referred to as the “pre-school” stage. According to child psychologists, this stage is the first step toward attaining full independence. This stage begins when your child is finally able to walk and talk. It is only during this period that they start to communicate with people other than their parents. At this point in time, however, they are still completely dependent upon their moms and dads, and they don’t have a good grasp of the meaning of responsibility, so that their parents need to teach them the differences between good and bad as well as private and public behaviors.

Parenting Toddlers and Kids

It is during this stage that toddlers learn the subtle craft of manipulation to get what they want from their parents. This usually comes in the form of annoying behaviors, such as temper tantrums, screaming and/or crying. If you don’t want to have a stubborn child on your hands, you should stop them from doing these behaviors right from the beginning. Children who start screaming and throwing tantrums are best admonished with a firm “No!” or “Stop!” in low tones. Yelling at them will only cause them to scream even louder.

By speaking in low tones, you are distracting your child from their hissy fits, so that they focus their entire attention on whatever it is that you are telling them. Ignore toddlers that cry and scream if you don’t buy them a toy that they like. Don’t pay any attention to them. When they have finally calmed down, pull them aside and explain in firm words your reason why you can’t buy the toy. At the same time, do not make any promises that you will buy the item later, as this is just the same as giving in to their whims.

School aged children are those 6 years old up to the ages of 12 and 13. At this stage, they are able to think logically and are able to take responsibility for their actions. It is through logic and reasoning that they seek to establish their independence, although there are some children who may present with recalcitrant, offensive and abusive behaviors.

If your child is displaying some bad habits and behaviors, there is a great probability that they are experiencing problems or stresses that they have difficulty in handling by themselves. In these cases, employ open communication. Have your child share his or her problems with you. Instead of telling them what to do, you can help them arrive at a solution to their own dilemma through proper guidance.

Immediately put a stop to violent behaviors, like kicking pets or punching walls, and tell them that this is not the way for them to get rid of their stress. Emphasize to them that while they need to deal with their troubles, they also have to take responsibility for any actions they will do to solve their problems as well to relieve their stress.

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