Parenting: Encouraging Imaginative Play

One very important part of childhood is imaginative play. It does not only bring fun and joy for children but it is also a wonderful opportunity for learning and developing. They learn about themselves and their world by trying on different roles like parents, policemen, cooks, explorers, and even pirates. As parents, you should encourage your child to imaginative play by providing them the place, the time, and the supplies.

Provide them a place where they can play and build a block city or assemble all their stuffed toys and cars. Even a corner of a room can be a safe place for them to play.

It is also important to give your child time for a free, unstructured play to allow him the opportunity for imaginative play. If your child will not be given this opportunity, his ability to use his imagination will likely be lost.

Children also need access to objects which they can use in their imaginative play. Supplies do not have to be complex and extensive. You can provide some basic supplies for them to use. A cardboard box might be a treasure chest. A bath towel might be a super hero’s cape. Just be not too suggestive of their uses to encourage them to use their imagination.

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