Important Items that Every Preschooler Must Have

When your child is about to enter school for the first time, it is both an exciting and fearful period for both you and your child. However, because this is a crucial step in their growth and development, you need to relieve feelings of fear in your child and make them eager for their new surroundings by providing them with essential items that they would need in preschool.


We shall take a look at some of these essential preschool items…


Backpack = Select a bag that is appropriate to your child’s size and is also durable. Do not buy a bag that is too large or too heavy for your child to carry. Bag companies like Ore and L.L. Bean offer backpacks for toddler.


Items For the Backpack = Your child’s backpack should also contain certain necessities, like a covered sip cup, an extra set of clothes (in case of accidents or spills), plastic bags for dirty or wet clothes, and a plastic envelope and folder for notebooks, papers and homework.


Lunch Sack = Buy a lunch sack or box that is reusable, durable and easy to clean. A lot of schools encourage parents to provide their kids with low or zero waste lunches to lessen trash. Bento boxes are great no waste alternatives. You can also check out Ore’s backpacks with matching lunch sacks.


Nap Mat = Always inquire with the preschool or Mother’s Day Out center if they have a nap or rest period. In case they don’t supply a nap mat, you can purchase a nap mat and blanket for your child’s personal use.


Play Clothes = Always choose clothes that are comfortable for your child and suitable for the current weather conditions. Buy them close toed shoes for their safety and to prevent accidents and injuries.


Tags and Labels = Make sure that you put labels and tags on all of your child’s belongings so that you will be assured that these items will be brought home safely. You can put tags on the backpack, lunch sack, coat, clothing, nap mats and blankets. Stick labels to pencil cases, pens and pencils.


Potty Training = Most preschools prefer that your child has been potty trained. Review with your child how to properly use the toilet bowl, how to pull down and up their pants, shorts, skirts and underwear after doing their business, and hand washing afterwards. If your child still has some problems with their potty training, you can ask help from their teacher.


Diapers = Parents of younger aged children who still use diapers should contact the school as to how many diapers they should provide for their child’s use daily.


Optional Items = To alleviate your child’s fears and insecurities of being away from home, you can have them take along some miscellaneous items. One good example is a laminated family photo which you can stow in a secret pocket in their back pack. You can also slip them cute notes and drawings. Another way is by preparing their favorite foods for lunch or snack time. You can also take them to the toy store and buy them a cute key chain or charm which they can attach to the zipper of their backpack. Most schools, however, do not recommend that you have your child bring their favorite toy to prevent its getting lost.


Let your child’s first days in preschool be exciting and less stressful by providing them the above mentioned essential items.

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