Most Popular Baby Names

Before the baby is even born, parents are already eagerly discussing what name to give to their child. Both parents may have consider giving a unique, uncommon names or most popular irish names or something. In fact, there are a myriad number of factors that will determine what name the child will be blessed (or burdened) with.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2010

In the U.S. Social Security Administration’s list of the Most Popular Baby Names for 2010, it seemed that the “Twilight” fever was very strong among soon-to-be parents. Ranking at No. 1 on the Girls’ and Boys’ Names lists are Isabella and Jacob. Remember that Isabella and Jacob are the lead characters in the “Twilight” books and movie franchise. Surprisingly, the name Edward (Bella’s vampire lover) did not make it to the Top 10.

Top Baby Girl Names

In the list of Top 10 Baby Girl Names, Emma – which was at the No. 1 slot in 2009 – still remained a favorite at No. 2. A lot of couples chose names of gorgeous female celebrities from the past, such as Mia (for Mia Farrow), Ava (for Ava Gardner), Olivia (for Olivia De Havilland) and Sophia (for Sophia Loren). Ever since actress Daryl Hannah chose the name Madison for her mermaid character in the movie “Splash”, it remains a popular baby girl’s name even up to the present.

Top Baby Boy Names

Coming second in the Top 10 List of Baby Boy names is Ethan. However, couples preferred regal names for their baby boys, such as Michael, Alexander, William and Anthony. Unlike in the Baby Girl list, there are baby boys named after prominent Biblical figures, particularly Joshua, Daniel and Noah.

There are other ways by which couples look for popular baby names. One way is by purchasing a book of baby names or they look up baby name directories on the Internet. Many moms and dads select names based on their literal meaning, in the hope that their baby will acquire these traits. For example, some parents would name their child Clarice (meaning “little bright one”) so that their girl will grow up to be bright and intelligent.

Some parents would choose Emery or Emmett for their boys, hoping that they would grow up to be “handsome and industrious”. Other couples delay naming their babies until he or she is born, so they can choose a name that is suitable to the infant’s personality. For example, baby girls with cheerful personalities can be named Adelaide while the boys’ counterpart would be Alan.

Some soon-to-be parents choose baby names from foreign cultures. Nowadays, it is not surprising to see babies being christened with Japanese names like Emiko, Sakura, Koji, or Misaki. Others choose names from Muslim culture like Ishmael or Abdul. Some parents would name their babies by their foreign language variation. For example, instead of naming the baby Andrew, couples would choose the Italian variation Andrea. On the other hand, the German name Louise becomes Lisette or Heloise in French.

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