Stress-free Parenting Tips

parenting tipsNothing can be more stressful than parenting a child. This is especially true if the child has been displaying difficult behavioral problems, like temper tantrums, acts of truancy, or violent behaviors. However, parenting can be stress-free if you know how to give your child the proper motivation that he or she needs and maintain an open communication with them at all times.

Here are some valuable stress-free parenting tips that you should inculcate into your arsenal as a Mom or Dad…

 Give Your Kids Quality Time

All child psychologists agree that you should allot quality time to each of your children. If you are a working parent, never bring home work from the office. Allot evenings for your kids. Encourage open communication with your child by sitting down with him or her and simply chat or discuss the things that have happened at home or in school. You can take him/her out for a walk or bike around the neighborhood. You can also play catch or shoot some hoops in the driveway.

Homemakers have greater opportunities to spend quality time with their kids. Encourage them to do chores and housework with you. You can even cook meals together in the kitchen. After you’re done, you can just sit down and relax playing games or watching inspirational TV programs or movies.

 Maintain Healthy and Open Communication

As much as possible, connect and communicate with your child. Always listen to what your child is saying and let him/her complete their sentences. Discuss each other’s opinions. Do not force your views on your child. Instead, be understanding of your child’s viewpoints and offer your advice.

 Enforce Firm Discipline

Disciplining your child is one of the most challenging tasks that you will need to perform. Discipline does not mean that you will shout, scold or spank your child. This will only cause your child to be more stubborn. Also, avoid losing your temple. Instead, be firm but gentle at the same time. Explain to your child in the simplest of terms why what he or she did is wrong. Set boundaries and explain that if he or she should disobey again, the necessary punishment will be given.

 Be a Good Mentor

Mentoring your child is exactly the same as being a good role model for them. If you want your child to develop good behaviors, it should always start with you. If you want your child to do more fruitful activities like reading over watching TV, it is highly advised that you do the same. If you want your child to eat more fruits and vegetables, then you should set an example by eating them at the dining table. The same applies for bad habits. Never smoke or drink alcohol in a child’s presence because you are only sending them the wrong message that it is okay for them to indulge in these habits.

 Engage in Fun Activities

Children who are hyperactive need to be involved in certain activities that they are sure to enjoy in order to keep them busy. Encourage your child to pursue interesting activities that interest them such as music, dance, and sports. One very common mistake that parents make is pushing them child into activities that are interesting to them, but which their kid actually does not like. Don’t thrust your interests upon your child. Let him or her decide what they want to do and always offer them encouragement.

 Provide Motivation

Children need proper motivation in their daily lives, and sometimes, parents are not equipped to give such encouragement. You might want to consider letting them watch motivational videos. These videos are available per age group. They can help instill positive values in your child, such as kindness, responsibility, and honesty. Make it a point to watch these videos with your child. Discuss scenes that may have caught their attention or have them remember certain quotes that have inspired them. You can also mention your favorite scenes and tell your child why it has made an impact on you.

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