Single Parenting: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many think that single parenting is very difficult. But, the degree of difficulty of being a single parent depends on how well you cope up with every situation of you and your child.

Being a single parent, you have a greater control of your child—his nutrition, routines, habits, and discipline. You also have total financial control; you choose exactly how the budget is used. Another advantage of single parenting is that you only worry for yourself and your child, thus, you have less people to care for. And most importantly, you will have more time for your child. You’ll be able to focus more on your child’s growth and development.

Single parenting has also disadvantages. One is lack of support. This can lead to too much pressure and stress on your part. You have to do all the tasks alone, which may lead you to overload. Another disadvantage is financial pressure, especially if you have constrained budget. Childcare is also a big issue of single parenting. It is difficult to leave your child alone if you are working. If you go to professional childcare, it would be very expensive.

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