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Valuable Parenting Tips and Advice

Parenting is not an easy endeavor. You often hear newbie moms and dads complaining about how hard it is to be a parent to their kids, but even the “pros” face challenges from time to time, especially if they have a problem with their younger children which they never had with their older kids.

Through the years, parents have sought advice on how to take care of their kids through the many articles on the Internet, but before you go into the specifics, it is best that you research articles on the basics of parenting. These parenting basics are actually the groundwork on which you can deal with any and all problems pertaining to your children. The basics of parenting encompass the following broad topics.

Know Every Aspect of Your Child’s Growth and Development

You have probably heard from your pediatrician about the developmental milestones, namely certain behaviors that develop in your child as they grow up by stages. Knowing such highlights as crawling, standing, walking and talking will alert you to any developmental lags. These lags may be signs of congenital diseases or other disorders of growth and development. If you think that your child is slow to progress, it is advisable to consult with your doctor so that he or she can examine your child and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Put Emphasis on Health and Nutrition

No parent would want to experience the stresses and fears that accompany illnesses in their kids. One way to preserve your child’s health is by seeing to it that he or she is immunized against preventable diseases like smallpox, tuberculosis, measles, Rubella and mumps. Do not put your child at risk just because you hear undocumented claims that vaccines can cause Autism or ADHD, since contracting any of the aforementioned infectious diseases can cause serious complications as well as death. Just as you emphasize the importance of immunization now during your childhood, tell your kid that he or she should still get the important shots when they become adults. These are immunizations for recurring diseases like influenza, viral infections like hepatitis B, and in young women, cervical cancer.

Nothing could be more important to a child’s health than proper nutrition. Continue breastfeeding until your child is 2 years old to get all the immunity and nutrient benefits from mother’s milk. If you want to avoid your kids developing picky appetites, start them early on healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, and do not give them potato chips, cheese curls and other junk foods.

Exercise is equally important during childhood. Even as early as infancy, you can already assist your baby through simple stretching and bending exercises. Older kids, on the other hand, should be given an hour or two a day for outdoor play. Have them join in fun sports like basketball, swimming or volleyball.

Imposing Discipline

Of all the aspects of parenting, moms and dads find disciplining their kids a stressful endeavor. It certainly is no cause for wonder. At the shopping malls alone, you see embarrassed parents who can seem to stop their toddlers and pre-school kids from screeching their lungs out. Even more tense-filled is having to deal with teenagers who want to do things their own way to assert their independence, although such behaviors are counterproductive.

Actually, there is only one solution to difficult kids and that is to build up love, respect and trust as early as infancy. Encourage your kids and teenagers to communicate with you. Impose certain limitations when it comes to fulfilling their whims, but don’t forget to explain to them why you need to set such limits. Having an open communication will prevent your child from being influenced by questionable peers.

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